Chinese Movies






A Man Of Nasty Spirit eng & chi sub
Erotic Nights eng & chi sub


The Impotent King eng sub
Can't Stop My Crazy Love For You eng & chi sub
Escape from brothel eng & chi sub
Fox Ghost






Gates Of Hell eng & chi sub
Jiangbao Bubble Heaven eng & chi sub
Monk Tang Cho 2- Snake Goblin eng sub



Lethal Panther
Sex and The Central
Addiction Abuse chi sub


Fatal Love eng&chi sub


False Lady eng&chi sub

The Fruit Is Swelling eng sub
My Wife's Lover eng sub
The Pearl Of Oriental eng&chi sub


Killers On Wheels eng sub




Unforgetful Holiday eng & chi sub
Robotrix eng sub
Loving Girl eng & chi sub
Naked Ambition eng sub


The Fruit is Ripe 3 eng sub


Crime of a Beast II eng sub
China Dolls eng&chi sub
Color Blossom eng sub


The Oath of Death eng sub
1941 Hong Kong on Fire eng&chi sub
Devil's Woman eng&chi sub













Hongkong Gigolo eng&chi sub
Lost Souls eng sub
Love Education eng sub